3 Reasons Why Call Center Job Is In-Demand In The Philippines

3 Reasons Why Call Center Job Is In-Demand In The Philippines

Have you ever wondered why call center job postings are flooded in job postal sites, social media, and even on a billboard? In this article, we will discuss the top 3 reasons why call center job is in-demand in the Philippines.


What is a Call Center?

The call center is an office and facility designed to handle tons of inbound and outbound calls with the help of call center agents. These third-party BPO organizations are offering a wide variety of services to other businesses in processing their day-to-day transactions, and the majority of them, are from overseas.


Top 3 reasons why Call Center Jobs is In-Demand in the county

1. Filipinos are Natural English Speaker

As of today, the Philippines still holds the title of ‘Call Center Capital of the world’, and this industry is relatively growing up by 30% every year.

There are plenty of countries like the Philippines which offer Business Process Outsourcing such as India, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, and many more. But the best reason why the Philippines is to be chosen is that Filipinos have more competitive advantages such as its natural accent and hospitability – two of the most essential skills to possess in the industry.

Why? Because English is the second language of the Filipinos. In fact, we speak English right from our Elementary days up to our career days. We use to speak and write English for everyday use, from School, Market, Road Signage, News, Products, and everything. What’s more fascinating is the documents issued by the Philippine Government are written in English.


2. Wage is Cheap in the Philippines

So far, the United States is still the biggest client of the Philippine BPO companies. According to indeed, the average salary of a Call Center Agent in the Philippines is about ₱19,609 per month, compared to $6,629 (₱316,561.29) in the United States. If we think about the differences, a company can hire more Filipino agents if they outsource the process here in the Philippines than in the US.

Why does a low wage did not affect Filipino BPO employees? First of all, the Philippines is a developing country with a low cost of living. The minimum wages per day in Metro Manila, the center of the countries businesses, is ₱537, and the lowest in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim, in Mindanao with only ₱224.05. Having a BPO job with a daily income of ₱980.45 is considered good-paying for most of the workforce.


3. Skilled Pinoy Workforce

As mentioned above, the Philippines is not the only country for business process outsourcing, but what advantages a foreign client will enjoy is the access to the huge number of skilled workforce.

Foreign clients don’t have to spend too much time and money on training Filipino applicants as we can adapt easily to their culture, language, and technology. Head-hunting staff with high literacy in vocabulary, reading, writing, comprehension, and information technology, is not a big challenge.

In addition, there is an enormous number of graduates with a bachelor’s degree and/or technical skills joining the workforce every year, so employee acquisition is much easy. And because English is our second language, communication is no longer a problem.

This clearly states that foreign companies have a sure possibility of expanding their businesses smoothly with the help of large supplies of qualified manpower.



Looking for a job in the Philippines is not easy as there is tight competition and factors to be considered to get hired such as school, education, and experience.

In contrast, the Philippines is lucky enough to be the best choice of foreign companies looking for staff to outsource their business process. We should take care of this industry and grab this opportunity during its best time because the real world continues to be more competitive, I don’t think no one would like to wake up one morning, that the Philippines lost its title to be the headquarters of the call centers.

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