3 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

3 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

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Having a work from the home setup is pretty normal during these pandemic days and as most of the jobs transitioned to working remotely, different challenges emerge that every one of us needs to overlooked.

So how can we stay productive while working in the comfort of our home? Let’s find out with these 3 tips.


1. Select a permanent working space

In choosing a working space inside of your home, you should consider some crucial points to boost productivity and to avoid any distractions during your working hours.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your working space.

a. Soundproofing – Choose a room wherein you can prevent inbound and outbound sounds. This may be varied depending on the nature of your work, but having good soundproofing will prevent annoying noises that may be created by your task or by your neighbor.

b. Temperature and ventilation – If you have a budget, buying an air conditioner is one of your choices to maintain a comfortable room temperature. However, if you cannot afford it, think about availing a cheap exhaust fan to have proper airflow inside your room. Proper ventilation will help to reduce heat inside your room by exhausting it to outside and let the cool air enter the vents in your room.

c. Secure stable internet and power supply – Having a stable internet and electricity supply is necessary for working from home. Depending on the type of work, your computer needs to be connected with a fast and reliable internet connection to do some or the majority of your task.


2. Replicate the office ambiance

Who said you need to get money out of your packet to make your working space feels like you’re in your office? Replicating the office ambiance doesn’t mean you need to spend much to feel the office ambiance. Here are some ideas you might want to follow that may make you feel you’re still working on your physical office.

a. Set Working Hours – You are working from home now but it doesn’t mean that you should work longer than what you have been paid for. Of course, it depends upon the agreement between you and your employer, but whatever length of the working hour it is, setting up and imposing a strict working hour is a great idea. Set aside all of your tasks in the meantime after your working hours and spent the time to live your life. We are not a machine so take some rest.

b. Off-limit your working area – Do not allow pets, relatives, and even any of your family members to your office at home. We’ve been there, we’re working from home but still, we are being paid in exchange for the time, knowledge, and power we render to our employers so put your full attention to your task during the working hours.

c. Physical Ambience – Improper lighting and noise disturbances directly affect your focus. If you can’t put full attention to your task, your performance will suffer. If you can, open the windows to allow natural lighting into your working space. If there are noise disturbances, think of purchasing some cheap LED bulbs for proper lighting. If your soundproofing is not enough, consider playing some office ambiance sounds you can find on the internet.


3. Proper work and life balance

Working from home limits the opportunity of an employee to socialized so it is important to continue on your physical interaction after your working hours. Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher once said, “a man is by nature a social animal.”

Isolating yourself to video gaming and social media is more likely to happen during these days but this could bring serious consequences to your personality and health. Imagine going outside after this pandemic, everything seems to be normal however, you suddenly realized that you no longer know how to talk to your colleagues and spent time together.

Here are some tips to have a work and life balance.

a. Put health at top priority – New study shows that seating is the new smoking. Unconsciously, it is an addiction that slowly putting your body at serious health risk such as anxiety, depression, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and ever hearth disease. Avoid seating for long hours and be active after your duty.

b. Love your work – This is not possible for most of us but if have some time, think about how important your job is. Remember that majority of us today are having difficulties getting employed, imagine how lucky that you have income on these hard days.

c. Set Goals – Get a small piece of paper, write the list of your goals for this month, next month, and the following years, and put it in your working space. Getting inspired with these goals will give you excitement to go to work every day.

d. Have some hobby – This is a great way to escape the pressure after your working hours. Learning new skills while doing it with fun is another way to relieve your stress and work-related burnout.


Final thoughts To Stay Productive While Working From Home

Truly understandable that working from home is the new normal that we should adapt to continue living. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time working remotely or if it has been your lifestyle several months or years ago – having a balance in your work and life is crucial to anyone’s productivity, the real reason why we are working, and living

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